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Quality in every aspect of our work

At J. POULSEN SHIPPING A/S we value our responsibility and we are determined to continually improve our performance within safety, quality and environmental protection.

Policy for Safety, Quality, Health and Environment

J. POULSEN SHIPPING A/S is committed to conducting its business with focus on:


A safe and healthy workplace for all em-ployees and service providers

Protection of the environment and pre-vention of pollution

Meeting customer expectations by of-fering satisfactory service delivery and communication

J. POULSEN SHIPPING A/S is constantly working to ensure continuous improvement in its health, safety, environmental and quality performance. The company demonstrates proactive leadership by expecting, encouraging and educating all employees to take part in creating a work environment that prevents risk to people, property and the environment.

In order to achieve the above, J. POULSEN SHIPPING A/S operates a Safety Management System (SMS) complying with IMO’s International Safety Management Code, legal requirements, other mandatory rules and regulations.

This system ensures that:

  • objectives of health, safety, environment and quality are created, known, adressed in daily operations and reflected upon.
  • the personnel know how to perform a certain activity with minimal risk, through specified procedures and instructions.
  • all equipment and systems critical for health, safety, environment and quality are maintained.
  • prevention, preparation and response to identified risks threatening health, property, environment and service delivery are monitored and improved by defined responsible persons.
  • health, safety, environment and quality aspects and actions are communicated to relevant stakeholders.

The J. POULSEN SHIPPING A/S Policy for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality is implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels of the organization, both ashore and onboard the ships.